First Certified Webmaster

On May 6th, 1996, Tallahassee, Florida, USA, David Lowe became the first Certified Webmaster in the World.

David Lowe First Certified Webmaster His background includes a Bachelors in CIS from FAMU 1986, and a Masters in Computer Science from Florda State University 1988, with a minor in Artificial Intelligence computer applications.

In November 1995, David Lowe along with Barry McConnell, Director of Computer Training for FSU, started the first Webmaster Certification program in the country at Florida State University. On May 6th, 1996 David became the first Certified Webmaster in the World.

In 1996 he also established WebYoda with one purpose in mind: to train Web professionals to build visually appealing Web sites that load quickly, navigate easily, and are accessible to as many people as possible with minimum confusion.

In October 1997, WebYoda went online providing Web Professional training materials and certification. This was the first nationally recognized Webmaster Certification available to aspiring Web Professionals and is still setting the standard today.

Below is the first Webmaster Certification.
Awarded to David Lowe, May 6, 1996.

First Webmaster Certification
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