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Mastering the Internet was easy for me to follow and understand. I enjoyed the historic part of the course. It has a simple and clear interface, is well laid-out, and effective in delivering the ideas.

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It is exciting to see that we are able to reach students in so many parts of the world who otherwise may be without access to quality Webmaster training. Is you country on our list?

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Over 23,000 professionally trained and/or certified Webmasters in 100 Countries!

WebYoda, Inc., the first company to offer Webmaster Certification, is a unique team of Webmasters, educators and technical experts dedicated to providing the best possible Web Design and Webmaster courses, assessment, and certifications.

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You can take our Certified Internet Webmaster courses by studying online at, WebYoda's Online Webmaster Academy, or at one of our WOW Academy training centers near you. Learn Web design, Web graphics, html, css, java, eBusiness, emarketing, and eCommerce. Online classes run 24/7.

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