Certification Reseller Program

For WebYoda Authorized Training Centers (ATC) who do not wish to offer their own certification exams, we offer a certification reseller program. This program allows you to pre-purchase certification exams from us in bulk and then resell them to your students for profit.

While the pricing of WebYoda's course plus exam packages strongly encourage ATCs to use WebYoda's course materials, it is not a requirement. All ATCs may use their own course materials and make bulk purchases of our certification exams at a reduced rate. Whether WebYoda's course materials are used or not, it is always the ATC's responsibility to prepare their students before they attempt the exams. You are encouraged to adjust the cost of your courses such that your students can receive their first attempt at certification for free. If they fail the first attempt, you then have the opportunity to sell them another attempt. For pricing and more information contact us.