WebYoda Training Partners

Become an Authorized Training Center
Within six weeks you can become a WebYoda Authorized Training Center (ATC) and be offering accredited Webmaster courses and certifications with minimal up-front costs to you. Once you submit your ATC application, you will be assigned an ATC agent who will walk you through the entire ATC process, help you get your courses ready to go, and be there to answer your questions once you go live with your courses. The following steps should help make this process quick and easy.

  1. ATC Application Process
    To get things started, Contact Us so we can send you the ATC Application Form. Simply fill it out and return it to us. We will review your application and get back with you promptly.

  2. Review ATC Information Package
    You will be contacted by one of our ATC agents who will send you our ATC Information package that includes a pricing schedule and access to review WebYoda's course materials via our online ATC www.WebmasterCertification.com.

  3. Get Your Instructor Certified
    Once you have decided you would like to become an ATC, you will need to get your first instructor certified by WebYoda. This process is outlined in the ATC Information package.

  4. Sign ATC Partnership Agreement
    Once you have your first Instructor certified, notify your ATC agent, and they will send you the WebYoda ATC partnership agreement for you to sign and return.

  5. Create ATC Admin Account
    Once we have a signed WebYoda ATC Partnership agreement, your ATC agent will create an ATC Admin account for you at www.WebmasterCertification.com and help you get prepared to offer your first course. Your admin account is used to download courses, manage your Instructor accounts, and oversee your training course activities.

  6. Purchase Course Materials
    Before you can run your first course, you will need to purchase course materials and/or certification exam attempts. These are purchased in advance as described in the Pricing Schedule you will receive.

  7. Receive ATC Certification
    Your WebYoda Authorized Training Center Certificate will be shipped with your first order. Your ATC agent will be available to answer any questions you may have at any point so don't hesitate to contact them.

  8. Run Webmaster Courses
    You are ready to start your Webmaster courses. Course feedback is collected for you during the last portion of each class you offer. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the courseware, instructor, and training center. This information will be e-mailed to: WebYoda to monitor courses materials, the ATC to monitor courses and instructors, and to the instructor to monitor their feedback. The evaluations can be submitted either anonymously or with the student's email. The ATC can control the person or persons who will receive and review these evaluations.

  9. Please contact us and we will assist you in bringing this exciting and proven coursework to your area.